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Credit Fix Solutions is a top choice for Australians who are looking to improve their credit scores by removing inaccurate data from their credit reports. The firm has a unique no-result, no-fee policy that helps it achieve a 95% success rate for its clients, who see, on average, a credit score improvement of 200 to 400 points, allowing them to obtain finance that they previously could not get access to.

At Credit Fix Solutions, we can help individuals and companies remove any incorrect, adverse information from their credit reports.  This type of information includes defaults (overdue listings), court actions, fraudulent or incorrect personal information, and duplicate inquiries.

Australian credit scores range from zero to 1,200. The average Credit Fix Solutions client comes to the firm with a credit score around 300 to 500. After a few weeks, that score can look dramatically different.  Genuine No Result No Fee services, nothing to pay unless we can show our client and their referrer a cleared credit report.

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