Thanks Ricky, now how do we improve pay gaps?

When Australia’s wealthiest person, Gina Rinehart, is a woman, and the majority of the population in the country are women, why is it that we struggle to move beyond a snail’s pace at improving women’s pay gaps? Yes, I’m going there.

Yes, I’m going there.

As Ricky Gervais at the 2016 Golden Globes highlighted with humour and a recent Harvard University paper hit me what I already knew, gender pay differences are very real across most sectors and particularly when women collaborate.

So what are the solutions to improve this? Do women:

A) go on strike and follow our Matilda’s football team? (I’m busy this week, but next is ok)

B) Hire women only? (Is that legal?)

C) Stop having kids? (say goodbye national productivity)

D) Rely on governments to subsidise childcare, set quotas and the list goes on (meantime we’re all aging)

E) Do more to support Dad’s who want to stay at home with the kids? (Housework is included in this job)

F) Ask Gina Rinehart to share in her $11+ billion fortune?

Personally, I like the thought of all of the above, particularly point F – which rarely gets a mention in 5-point surveys.

I am guessing that government’s may too like this idea as it may finally get the monkey off the backs of parliamentarians and allow them to focus on upping the ante on collecting those lucrative Gina generated taxes as incomes are dispursed across the nation.

So what are the options?