Take a Trip to Nowhere Often

I know what you’re thinking. What do you mean take a trip nowhere? Exactly what I said, take a trip absolutely nowhere. When was the last time you packed the kids in the car and just took a drive with no destination in mind? Never? Well it’s time to make that happen.

I have three children ages ranging from the oldest being 20 and the youngest being 6 and there is one and only one thing that makes their heart melt, swoon, and swell with pride more than anything I’ve ever bought them. Us taking a trip to nowhere. Not spending any money, just quality time…and a whole lot of it.  It started when my oldest was much younger and I was still working a regular 9-5 job.

I had little money leftover after paying the bills and even less time to spend with them. I knew I wanted to spend time with my children and make them feel special however I knew it had to be on a super low budget. I took a look in my checking account this particular day and it was so low I could have sworn I heard an echo when I said something.

So knowing that I had very little money and wanted to spend time with the kids, I packed them a snack and told them, “come on let’s go”. When my oldest asked me where we were going I told her it’s a surprise. Little did she know it was a surprise to me too but I digress. So I packed them in the car, gassed up the car, then we begin to ride. The purpose of the ride was to find some place that I could take my children that they would have some mega fun without me having to spend any money.

I knew I couldn’t stop at any fast food restaurants because that would definitely require me spend some money so we began to pass restaurant after restaurant until finally my daughter said, ‘every time we pass a restaurant, I get hungry.” Me, thinking fast and remembering I packed some snacks I said, ‘so I have some snacks in the back, pick something and let’s just talk!’ My goal was to get her mind off the fact that we were not stopping anywhere for food as well as try to figure out where exactly we were going.

After about an hour of us just driving, I looked at the gas tank and thought to myself, ‘we better head back home before we all have to push the car home from running out of gas.’ So then I turned the car around and we headed home. By this time, we were so engaged in conversation they didn’t even notice we didn’t actually go anywhere. Well my daughter figured it out. She said, ‘Mom we took a trip to nowhere and we had a ball!’ That sealed the deal and our official ‘trips to nowhere’ were born.

I would challenge you to try to plan something fun to do with your children which require you to spend zero dollars and zero cents. You will find you spend more quality time with your children when you don’t have a dollar amount set on it and they actually prefer that over anything you could ever buy them, although they won’t tell you this, of course.

Until next time,

Be confident! ☺

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