How I Stop Myself Going Insane As A Busy Mum.

We all know that raising our beautiful children is essentially a 24/7 hour job we subscribed to when becoming pregnant, throw on top being a wife, friend, sister, daughter and life gets busy, further throw on top a job or running a business and shit gets real.

For the less domestic of us (me) keeping on top of the house gets stressful and subconsciously it makes me cranky. Especially when I do allocate the time to clean the house only to discover the kids have been following me around messing it all up again. It is like brushing your teeth with TimTams.

“There are just not enough hours in a day!” is a common catch-cry of mothers of our generation and running two busy businesses being a WAHM I felt like this all.the.time.

It’s no secret that being a parent is a juggling act #mumlife and this applies whether you’re in the workforce full-time, a stay-at-home mum or you run your own business. You shouldn’t feel bad if you decide that you need some help to claim back quality family time or precious you time if it keeps you sane and makes you happy.
Happy home = happy mum = happy kids. Getting bit of extra help around the house can play a big part in that.

The big issue…

Some people wonder why stay-at-home mums don’t have time to constantly clean and tidy their homes. “What do you do all day?” is a common question. The people who ask these questions have clearly never spent a day running around after children. If you can’t even go to the bathroom without an audience how are you supposed to scrub the place?

It doesn’t get easier for working mums. After spending 8 hours in the office the last thing you want to do is clean the house. Plus, returning home to a messy house is likely to increase your stress levels and leave you frazzled and frustrated instead of your home being the sanctuary that it should be.

If you’re a work-at-home mum, or have aspirations to start your own business or go freelance, you can find the work hours you have being taken over by domestic duties. Structuring your life to meet self-imposed deadlines and get it all done is a challenge in itself.

What me and my friends have learned is that having it all doesn’t mean doing it all yourself. Knowing when to delegate is an important self-care skill and once I let go of this and outsourced my sanity restored. There is no better feeling than coming home to a clean house after a big day.

Getting your life back…

One of the first things new parents sacrifice are their hobbies. Getting help with the day to day chores gives you the time to do do the things you love and helps you regain your sanity.

Active leisure time spent on hobbies such as sport or artistic pursuits (as opposed to passive activities like mindlessly watching TV or browsing the internet) is an important way to engage different parts of your brain, destress, and foster your sense of self. If your hobbies are outside the home they also help you make social connections, which are linked to overall happiness and satisfaction with life.

The solution…

What do you do now that you’ve made the decision to get back some me-time and cleverly outsource the most menial aspects of your life?

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