Do you wish you could LOSE weight this festive season?

It’s that time of year. We are organising Christmas – gifts, events, food, holidays and activities for the entire family.

Many people start to feel overwhelmed at this time of year. Many people are feeling a rising amount of stress, obligation, anxiety or tension.

If you are currently trying to lose weight, these emotions are not going to help. In fact, my guess is that those emotions are going to you drive you to eat more.

Let’s be honest, we all avoid negative emotions by finding something more pleasurable – for some of us it’s chocolate and ice-cream for others it’s chardonnay and brie. That was me too, I get it! It makes us feel better momentarily but it prevents us from creating the results we truly want – losing weight and feeling healthy.

Imagine if those emotions were no big deal… What would your weight loss attempts look like then?

A whole lot easier, that’s for sure.

I want to teach you something.

It’s possible to NOT react to an emotion by eating chocolate or grabbing a glass of chardonnay. It’s possible to learn the skill of allowing and processing emotions instead.

Firstly, let me be brutally honest with you. You are not going to feel happy all the time. The truth is, humans are not supposed to feel happy all of the time. This is because without sad, there is no happy. We need the contrast of positive and negative emotion to fully experience the positive emotion. When make peace with the fact that there is negative emotion, negative emotions don’t feel so bad. When we are not trying to feel happy all the time, we actually create less suffering in our life. AND when we learn the skill of how to allow and process emotion, the negative emotions feel less terrible.

If you don’t already use the skill of allowing and processing emotion, you can totally learn it. Then like any skill, you can get better at it. It just requires practice. Once you get good at this skill, you can use it to maintain your ideal body weight, permanently. Not only that but your confidence will increase dramatically and you will feel so much better.

Let me teach you the basics of how to allow process an emotion.

  1. Acknowledge and identify the emotion. Name it or if you can’t name it then get as specific about the emotion as possible. It a good emotion, or a bad emotion?
  2. Explore the emotion in your body. That’s right, an emotion happens in your body. When you focus your attention on being curious, you will notice the sensations of the emotion. Here are some great questions to ask yourself.

Where in your body is the emotion?

Is the vibration of the emotion fast or slow?

Does it feel open and expansive or closed and restrictive?

  1. Allow the emotion to be there. Instead of pushing it away and resisting it, just let it be there. When you resist emotion it’s like you are pushing an inflatable beach ball under the water. You can only hold it there for so long. Eventually the ball is going to pop back up (and with more power than before). This is what resistance and will power feel like. They don’t work. Instead, imagine you are just letting the beach ball float around the water and bump up against you. Simply acknowledge it. If you are resisting the emotion, you will be telling yourself “this feels horrible”, “I don’t want to feel this”, “I wish this feeling would go away”. When you allow the emotion, you will be thinking “this is a feeling”, “it will not harm me”, “I can handle this feeling”, “I’m feeling an emotion and that’s OK”.

Want to know more about emotions? I believe that having authority over your emotions is the secret to the universe, INCLUDING weight loss! Check out this video on emotions!

It’s not just about surviving the festive season this year, it’s possible to THRIVE and come out the other side feeling better about you AND having lost weight. If you want this to be your experience, implement all the steps in this blog post. Don’t just read them, put them into practice and be open to the possibility that a new version of you could be stepping into the year 2020.


Nicky is a certified life and a mind set weight loss coach who helps mums feel happier, more confident and lose weight permanently. Instead of addressing the symptoms and using diets that feel restrictive, she helps women change from the inside out.


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